Dispute Resolution Law

MPBA is committed to offering exceptional legal services through the most economical and cost-effective approach for our clients. Litigation can often be an expensive enterprise requiring a great deal of time and legal counsel, and may not result in an effective resolution. Through arbitration, the legal procedures common to full litigation are abbreviated to expedite the resolution of a claim. This approach can provide a satisfactory resolution for all parties involved by avoiding the expensive and time consuming demands of litigation. Alternatively, entrusting reliable counsel skilled in negotiation, the process of mediation can help adverse parties come to an amicable and equitable reconciliation.

The dispute resolution attorneys at MPBA are experienced in the procedures and nuances of the various methods of dispute resolution available to clients. They are capable of evaluating the nature of a matter and identifying if it can be resolved through an alternative approach. They are skilled negotiators and exceptional legal strategists proficient in making claims, arguing cases, and navigating the methods and procedures of each method of dispute resolution. We have experience assisting clients in achieving positive and favorable results by recommending the most appropriate and cost-effective approach and by pursuing all options to achieve a satisfactory resolution. Sometimes effective argument via a carefully executed correspondence or well-articulated series of verbal conversation can produce the desired results. However, if this approach renders ineffective two other primary methods can be employed: arbitration and mediation.


If the parties in a dispute agree to allow an individual (referred to as an arbitrator) to review the evidence and make a binding decision on the case, they are eligible for arbitration. It is often an expedited approach to legal proceedings which are conducted similarly to a standard court case in many regards. Truncated rules and simplified discovery methods allow the arbitrator to evaluate the facts and law quickly and make a final decision, ultimately granting an award to the prevailing party. Arbitration can have several advantages to businesses. Unlike a lawsuit which is a matter of public record, the arbitration process can be kept confidential. Furthermore, for certain disputes, an arbitrator who is usually a retired judge or practicing attorney is often preferable to a jury which can be influenced and may return an unpredictable verdict.

The dispute resolution attorneys at MPBA have represented clients in numerous arbitration proceedings and are familiar with the subtleties, limitations, and benefits of an arbitration. They can simplify key issues, focus arguments, and help interpret the laws to guide the arbitrator in understanding the client’s case and direct a decision in the client’s favor.


Mediation is a form of negotiation between two parties whereby a neutral third party representative assists the parties in coming to a voluntary settlement. Using diplomacy and strong communication skills, the mediator can often help resolve a dispute by simplifying the issues to help achieve an optimal outcome satisfactory to both parties. The attorneys at MPBA are qualified to serve as strong advocates for clients engaged in mediation. We can help evaluate the nature of a dispute and counsel clients to ensure that the settlement is truly advisable and structured to serve the best interests of our clients.