Undercover Tenant-Screening Stings are Ensnaring Well-Intentioned, Unsuspecting Landlords

Blog post written by Scott Feir and Jay Corker Free. Ensuring tenant safety just became more challenging. HUD and the Washington State Attorney General’s Office recently informed landlords that turning down housing applicants based on their criminal records may constitute unlawful race-based discrimination — even if they have no intention to discriminate — because such a policy has a disproportionate … Continue reading »


The Bleak House of Trust and Estate Litigation: More than just time and money

“How much is this case going to cost?” is a great first question for a client to ask. The answer, however, can be complex. By the time someone walks into an attorney’s office, they are usually prepared for the fact that it will take time and money to resolve their problem. However, far too few people realize that often the highest … Continue reading »

MPBA Celebrates 100 Years Serving Pacific Northwest Clients

This year Montgomery Purdue Blankinship & Austin is celebrating 100 years of providing legal services to our community, and I am proud to be a part of its tradition. MPBA traces its roots back to W.W. Montgomery’s (view picture) admission to the bar in 1912. His son, Bill, joined his father’s law practice after graduating from the University of Washington … Continue reading »

Property Manager Survival Guide to Preparing Default Notices – Part 5

VII. Sample Notice Below is a sample default notice as part of the Property Manager Survival Guide. Attached. DEFAULT NOTICE TO: (via posting, hand delivery, and regular mail) (via regular and certified mail) (via regular and certified mail) We represent ______________________(“Landlord”). YOU AND EACH OF YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that you are in default of your lease under, without limitation, … Continue reading »

Property Manager Survival Guide to Preparing Default Notices – Part 4

VI. Common Notice Pitfalls to Avoid When Providing Notice A. Terminating a Periodic Tenancy: Attempting to Terminate Mid-Period When terminating a periodic (e.g., month-to-month) tenancy, the date for termination must be at the end of the period. Washington Practice §88.6. In other words, a 20-day notice cannot be served on the 5th of the month which attempts to terminate the … Continue reading »

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