Deeds of Trust Securing Agricultural Land Must Be Foreclosed Judicially, Not by Trustee's Sale

Washington law generally permits deeds of trust to be foreclosed upon by non-judicial trustee’s sale. This provides secured creditors with a faster and generally less expensive alternative to judicial foreclosure. Washington law affords debtors additional protections where a creditor elects to proceed with a trustee’s sale instead of judicial foreclosure. Most commonly, Washington law limits the extent to which a … Continue reading »

Enforcing Foreign Judgments in Washington State

Like most states, Washington has adopted the Uniform Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Act or UEFJA. The UEFJA permits a person or entity to enforce a judgment against a person or property located in Washington based on a judgement issued in another state. (For purposes of the UEFJA, judgments from another state are referred to as “foreign.”) The UEFJA is codified … Continue reading »