Seattle Minimum Wage and Employers Outside Seattle

The phase in of the city of Seattle’s minimum wage ordinance began on April 1, 2015. Be aware that the ordinance states that it applies both to employers who are located in Seattle and to employers who have employees who work inside the city. For example, if you have a business that is based in Kent but you send a … Continue reading »

Proposed Changes to WA Independent Contractor Law

In my blog post dated January 24, 2013, “Contractors Vs. Employees: A Matter of Context”, I pointed out there are different definitions of an independent contractor in multiple Washington statutes. A new bill has been submitted in the Washington State House of Representatives (HB 1440) which standardizes the independent contractor test and makes many other significant changes. HB 1440 would … Continue reading »

Contractors vs. Employees: A Matter of Context

Is the person working for you an independent contractor or an employee? You need to recognize the term “independent contractor” has a different definition in different contexts. Your independent contractor may be an employee depending on whether the question is tort liability, withholding liability, minimum wage liability or workers’ compensation liability. A recent Washington decision illustrates the point that Washington’s … Continue reading »